Monday, August 28, 2006

Effects of Terrorism or the desire to bolster Government Units

The recent "clamp down" of atmospheric travel of the human units by the societal unit calling itself Great Britain was ostensibly due to the capability of a young group of terrorists to cleverly mix ink gel, baby food and a selection of pungent ointments, that the female units like to smear themselves with, in order to blow air transport units from the atmosphere.

A VERY minor amount of observation shows that there was a higher likliehood that the Goverment Unit was in trouble with the population units. What better way than to use that favorite of magicians the Universe over: Distraction!

First arrest a group of highly dissatisfied muslim units, who were starting to discuss the means by which they could do harm to the Governments that have been supporting the attacks on their fellow muslims.

Then over secure the air ports so that they can not operate effectively. Stopping even the transportation of, reading material, writing implements, in addition to any electron entertainment devices. This at a time when most of the human units like to burn liquid carbon fuels to pollute the very atmosphere.... but that is an entirely differnt observation...

The results are relatively clear major distraction, and loss of revenue... little increased actual safety.

In the beginning... not really... I watched before then!

Before there was a puff of smoke observed on the Red Planet. I watched!

Observing the crazy goings on of the human units.

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