Wednesday, September 03, 2008

ShoZu read Show Zoo?!!

Ironic app naming aside, after a week of use I am still on the fence, which is good! As most of my ipod touch apps find themselves deleted or kicked of the key first page inside an hour. ShoZu is still on the top line of the first page.

Why? More because of the promise it holds, than its current capabilities.

In one month if ShoZu doesn't give me numbers on the app icon and then the sub app icons, and if it doesn't get better at keeping up to date, I suspect it will get deleted!

BUT what it does today is already good. It is the beginning of adding order/ structure/ simplicity to my 2.0 world!

Today it is still a little too geeky, even for me.

For 2.0 to become mainstream it needs to be able to pass the Connie 2.0 test. Connie 1.5 is a very capable silver surfer, who is finding the current 2.0 world a little too frustrating. It still doesn't do what she expects it to do, in the way she expects it to do it! That is to deliver amazing functionality SIMPLY!

So heres to SIMPLY 2.0

Posted by ShoZu