Monday, January 07, 2008

Size isn't everything.... fact her indoors recently insisted that she wanted me to get a smaller one. I however asserted that I wanted to enlarge, and after much discussion, we agreed on a compromise size. The great day arrived today, her exclamation on first seeing it was that it was far to big! My heart sank, as I had already accepted a reduction from my original goal by 4 whole inches, and I could only imagine the pain and anguish involved in downsizing. Happily, once she had seen it unwrapped, she agreed that it was acceptable! Though she did restate that she would have preferred smaller.

The most amusing comment came from HWWNGTA, who on first seeing it, asked with a confused look on his face "It is bigger, isn't it?". Clearly he hadn't really taken note of its size previously. The nastier among you will be thinking that it can't have been that much of an enlargement, but I have measured it and it is now 20 inches bigger.

Having now experienced it in living color, I will nearly admit to liking it better than my wall mounted projection version. So if you are considering a change in size, I would encourage you to go for it.

Last weeks news that Worlds Largest was now 108 inches, did not serve to quell the shrinking urges of spouse of many years!

For the record we both found 46 inches to be very enjoyable, though I still secretly yearn for a 50 incher. (Even I know that 108 inches would not have worked)

Now the challenge will be to keep HWWNGTA's hands off it! I caught him playing with it earlier this evening.

(Incidentally, for the technically minded the default picture and colour settings are set to "Garish", my term not theirs! So for best pleasure you need to change the Picture Settings and Colour settings to normal)

(Yes! Mr Messy I know that I am blatantly copying your new Oeuvre! But I am sure you realise that the act relates the highest form of objectification, which only goes to show my ability of turning you into an object, the action presumably also known as objection! Which gets me to being objectionable )
And yes, I am aware of the oxymoronic implications of that last bracketed paragraph!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

new years resolution it isn't, but this year ... "I be mostly healthier and considering the actions I can take to save humanity"
For as was recently so well stated the Earth does not need saving it will survive perfectly well! Humanity however has only a tenuous handhold on the planets surface.

Happy New Year!