Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A friday night above an old butchers shop...

It was nearly all predictable, but none-the-less enjoyable.

I arrived late, the clear cause of the over cooked vegetables, but wait a minute that meant that NITRAM prepared me a meal! Yes, dear reader he did!, that was one of the surprises for me too! What was even more of a surprise was the fact that meal was very enjoyable, a Cajun Sweet and Spicy Chicken along with an oven baked Mashed Potato, with a cheesy crispy surface that went perfectly. (While the veg were a little stewed in their juices, (Yes I know, my fault!) they were not unpalatable)

And despite warnings to the contrary the butchers shop was clearly well on the way to being transformed into a small printers. It is however at that very dangerous 80% stage where it is near enough to operate but not yet complete. [[ Suggestions from elder siblings not being the most desired of feedback, I will resist making further comment ]]

Another surprise was the remodelling that NITRAM had initiated in the back yard!! This resulted in failed attempts to melt the house at the back, and eradicate the next door garden shed. Though he did burn down sections of the fence between them. The fireman had attended for more than a few minutes in battling the resulting blaze. The outcome of this faux pas has yet to fully unravel. Why didn't I have my camera, (Wonder if NITRAM will send me a photo...)

A "surprise"? for NITRAM was that his elder sibling has crap at Starcraft!! We stopped playing at 1:30am, when I finally beat him, once. Final Score was 4 to 1.

Saturday, Up early, NITRAM was only joking about not having coffee, PHEW!!!. The local newsagent took pleasure in staring back at me from behind the locked door of his shop at 6:30am. Needless to say I did not buy anything from him, nor will I, EVER!. Had a go at setting up the LAN, made a small amount of progress, but still much more to do. ((PVN: Applications/Utility/Directory Access is the obscure path to renaming the Apple SMB Workgroup name, if only I had found that while I was there!!))

A Very Hearty Brunch at the home of SWTBH and HotRCKM, before they were off to bowls, then back to Ye old Butchers shop to finally thrash NITRAM at Starcraft... DOH!!!

Arrived back in Guildford JUST in time to shower and shave and take Gill to watch the dancing in Guildford Cathedral. OK!, so it wasn't dancing it was singing... they danced a little, as did large sections of the audience! Very uplifting, the only reason we left early was my concern for the mutts.

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