Friday, August 31, 2007


Get yourself a NEW Mac for free, or at least what will feel like a New Mac.

Does your Mac feel lethargic and bloated, has it stopped responding to you in its normally sprightly way. Does it feel just plain OLD!

ONYX is your answer!


Tomatoes died of some sort of blight.
Peppers and such, eaten by Slugs
One courgette plant survived we have had 3 Courgettes of it!
(Not enough sun!)
Radishes still growing..
The perpetual Spinach is doing a fine job.

Just plain Wow!

The price is right!
The taste is even righter!
(I never said I was going to stay true to the English Language!)
Sainsbury stocks this wonderfull liquor; a brilliant malt blend that contains two of my favourite malts: The Macallan and Highland Park.

The exciting thing for me, is that in writing this blog I have discovered there are now three more Famous Grouse Blended Malts for me to track down.

Famous Grouse 12 Year Old Malt Blend
Famous Grouse 18 Year Old Malt Blend
and the new Famous Grouse Black

Yippee. Note to self: must persuade Gill to give me some more Whisky cupboard space, 3 is clealy not enough!! (OK So I am using 5, bUt she has sanctioned 3!)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Let counselling in Guildford begin!

This month marks the actual start of Gill's new company Her website is live! Now all we need is loads of links to it!!!! Got get that GOOGLE PAGE RANK rising!

After 5 years of providing her service f.o.c. in order to gain her Masters, she had her first paying client on Monday, via a referral from an overbooked counselling friend

Go visit her site, and more importantly put a link to it on your site.

Her website