Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My favourite new productivity aid!!!

Why haven't I found this before!


All I can say is try it for yourself!

It will make your Social Media Experience one step closer to perfection!

One of those times where you are delighted by the realisation that everything that you thought you wanted it to do it does already! And with an intuitive interface....
(Not quite Apple Style Guide but intuitive none the less!

(I have to admit it doesn't quite do everything I wanted Jing to Video me showing you how I could use Jing to do a Video of me, showing you how to.... Seems I need two mirrors! I did figure a way using Share Screen and two computers but it was two juddery!)

Despite that minor hiccup: "I am Adrius42 and I approve this plug for Jing!"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A recent Facebook experience...
Hmm let me think!

So why am I fearing flying the atlantic this time?

The answer is simple its Mrs Butterworths fault, she apparently looks buxom.

When I posted recently a picture of Mrs Butterworth on Bridezilla's Facebook page. I seemed to have been misunderstood!

When I said "you are she" I clearly was referring to Mrs Butterworths sweetness!

My only hope is the fact that I posted a Lite Version, surely that must work in my favour...

Wish me luck!

Chi.mp is it or isn't it...

So far I am still refining my profile having achieved access and signup to this beta. I am even more excited than I was with Sho-Zu, a good thing! The key question is will Chi.mp be the answer to my desire for an integrating Social Media Portal? So far the signs are good!! Tagging is rife throughout the site.... BRILLIANT! And it feels like it is meeting the "Connie 2.0 Test". Also good is the fact that in order to associate various sites to Chi.mp I have not yet needed to give Chi.mp the password for any of the sites.

But as I say it is early days...

You can find me here http://adrius42.mp/

I have set most of the privacy to contacts or customized so my Public Space will be quite bare. Sign up and give me feedback!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

ShoZu read Show Zoo?!!

Ironic app naming aside, after a week of use I am still on the fence, which is good! As most of my ipod touch apps find themselves deleted or kicked of the key first page inside an hour. ShoZu is still on the top line of the first page.

Why? More because of the promise it holds, than its current capabilities.

In one month if ShoZu doesn't give me numbers on the app icon and then the sub app icons, and if it doesn't get better at keeping up to date, I suspect it will get deleted!

BUT what it does today is already good. It is the beginning of adding order/ structure/ simplicity to my 2.0 world!

Today it is still a little too geeky, even for me.

For 2.0 to become mainstream it needs to be able to pass the Connie 2.0 test. Connie 1.5 is a very capable silver surfer, who is finding the current 2.0 world a little too frustrating. It still doesn't do what she expects it to do, in the way she expects it to do it! That is to deliver amazing functionality SIMPLY!

So heres to SIMPLY 2.0

Posted by ShoZu

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

Web 2.0 + Environmentalism + Global Warming = Green 2.0

"Web 2.0" is a key shift in the use of the World Wide Web, changing from providing services and information by the few to the many, to providing services and information by the many to the many. Environmentalism the importance of consuming our planets resources in a sustainable manner is starting to be understood,

Take the thinking of Professor Andrew McAfee where he added Web 2.0 and Corporations to create Enterprise 2.0

add a dose of Green...

Now consider how we might use Web 2.0 to drive forwards the Green agenda, we could call it Environmentalism 2.0

You heard it here first!!!

3 Examples to consider

Green Acquisition
I want a wooden lathe, how can I get a second hand one? I am convinced there are a number out there!

Green Recycling
I have a Electric Saw that I want to dispose of it is mostly operational but will need some maintenance

Green Transport
I am traveling to To Gloucester on August 23rd at 4pm from ..... How to share??

Now the question is HOW? Ideas anyone or has somealready done it already?
I don't count the 8 folks at this site

Friday, June 20, 2008

Why did I do it!

Well it wasn't because it sounded like Zardoz. I suspect it's because I have a quizzical ego. My friends at Garlik of Data Patrol fame, offered me a view of my status on the web...

...so yesterday I joined the QDOS beta and found that approximately 2/3rds of the other joiners have a lesser web presence than I do and 1/3 greater. Then it struck me. Statistically this is only going to tell me anything about the web kudos of people with quizzical egos. Those of a more confident nature who already know they are the best won't bother joining and those who are absolutely convinced that they are the bottom of the heap won't even consider trying to pretend that there just might be someone out there with a lesser web presence.

So dear reader depending on what sort of web ego you have, you or may not choose to join this sorry mid band of quizzical egotists who wanted to know!!!!

Now the question is, will I publish the statistically irrelevant result on my Blog.... well I tried!!!

One day I will be competent enough to deserve to be in the top web decile, but by then I won't need the ego stroking that QDOS might give me!! Sigh!!! It's all so confusing!!

PS (Well it isn't really a "post" script more an aside but I don't know the latin for that. It will be something starting with "Se-"
Lets plump for segway... not right but I am bored with this train of thought!)

On the subject of Web Publishing of Supposedly Embargoed Data, it is my contention that data shared with no sign of a classification, will always be subject to the possibility of transparency, ie publication. That is not to say I have not been wracked by a very weird mixture of crippling guilt and side splitting mirth at they very thought of a certain "frater" finding out about the Caerbonnagic event on my blog. Either way it hurts!!! Where the happy couple to have deigned to arrive at Chez Moi while I was present I suspect I may have attempted a stumbling apology!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Greener World Dawns.... Green and Mean!

I am getting cheaper electricity and gas and the electricity is Green!

Why didn't we switch earlier?

Saving and being delivered Hydro Electricity.

What with driving a Hybrid I feel a "smug git" grin appearing, at least it would were it not for those pesky transatlantic air-miles!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Caerbonnagic Romance is not dead!?

There I was enjoying my post exercise lie in, (doesn't everyone enjoy breakfast in bed after their morning exercise and shower? But hey I deserved it as my Wii Fit had just told me that I had the body of a 26 year old! ...any way I digress...) ...when SWHAND interrupted me from my revery with the news that the White Killer Rabbit of Caerbonnag had proposed to one of my Surrogate Daughters. Which, of course, stunned me and simultaneousy put me into the weird state of having 2 SD's engaged. (To lose one SD is careless, to lose two is just plain criminal!) This state will last for a brief few weeks, as the first SD marriage occurs before the end of the month.

I was left wondering how a Killer White Rabbit would be involved in such a romantic act as proposal for:
1) They don't talk!
2) They mostly rip peoples throats out!
3) They live in caves in Wales
4) Effergies of them are mostly seen flying across castle parapets
5) ...well heck you see my point!

So I started my researches.... I was surprised to find that the Kille Rabbit was both real and a prop. Then I found the ThinkGeek site and all became clear! There are fluffy versions of the beast of Caerbonnag! In fact, having found that out, I was surprised not to see fotos of the occassion here, like this one. I suspect this site is also the likely source of the offending instrument!


(PS: You are still not forgiven for coming to Guildford while I am away, but despite that I have instructed HWWGTA to share some of my better drams with you both! His only restriction is that he cannot open any unopened bottles!)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Wii Fit roolz!

The first impression is one of wow!
A side thought, how long will I keep using it?)
Think Brain Trainer for your Body...

You are buying 4 weighing machines that wirelessly connect to your Wii.
From this apparent surfeit of measurement, a lot can be determined about your weight, BMI, Core stability, and more

Have you ever tried standing still? It is way harder than you think without a stable core.

I hadn't realised that I tend to stand with too much weight on my ankles either....

Yoga was always hard, but when you are getting direct feedback about how well you are holding the pose (or not) it only gets harder!

My Body age is 49, I am mighty proud (some might say sadly) of those -3 years and will be working to increase the gap between my calendar age and my body age, I am already on track to achieve my target body weight having dropped from 250 to 231 since the start of the year. (No you don't need to know my target, as the lady in the Wii knows and she is going to hold me to getting there)

A little weird being able to rotate here, thus seeing her from the front and the back, all I will say is that she is fitter than I am!!

My midnight play proved to me that the rest of the journey will be more fun.

Why of course I bought one at Midnight of the day of the launch, after all I was told too!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hmmm 45 Seconds of shaking!!

Wonder what you Hoosiers were up to!

Apparently they already starting to blame Illinois!!!

Looking forwards to seeing The Messy Ones excuses!

"It wasn't me because....."


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Identity Thoughts...

The fundamenmtal one being...
Why can't an Operating System's security be designed from the User in!

The answer that I have come to: Because devices cannot yet reliably recognise / identify people.

Combination of Identifiers
Facial Recognition
Voice Recognition
Typing Recognition
Finger Print etc....

Two thoughts:
Our Identity is a state that should be continuously monitored, not just initially checked.
Our Identity will be known to devices and we must have the power over them to decide the Persona we are choosing to represent to the outside world.

Leopards don't like to serve on Mac Mini's!!!

Well this is exactly true as I do actually now have Leopard serving on a Mac Mini.
But our friends at Apple didn't exactly make it easy!!!

So I signed up for Twitter Adrius42 in prep for my great Leopard Server on a Mini Mac Challenge.... What is your twitter address, email me it...

Can't see how to attach to Twitters that are out there on a relevant/interesting topic....
My sense is that it is a People Social Network not an Ideas and Activity Social Network.... DoH! I did have high hopes....

Looked around Google for folks who had trod this path before me and twittered about, some preacher fella that simply said he was about to and was afeared but not much else, it took reading pages of rubbish to get to that one-liner....

So started installing Leopard on my MacMini twittering and ground to a great big fat shuddering halt!

Boy do I wish someone had twittered DON'T DO IT.... unless you have a week to spare...

...my sarcastic estimate of the time required after the first three bumps....
1) Nah I won't recognise your Bluetooth Mouse
2) Nah I am not playing with your Wireless Network, I need wiring!!
and the latest
3) Bluetooth keyboard forget it!! Wiring, didn't you get the message I am a server!! I need wiring!!!

Wish me luck I am off back downstairs with a wired keyboard!!!

Post Blog Comment: Leopard is now serving... and I now have so many more questions for the Identity world!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mark Curphey has some wild links!

Looking forward to seeing him next week at the Jericho Forum presentation.

This one's Just plain weird

And this one had me in stitches!

Also just got frustrated at the Wiki Police, I should have known better than to find interesting perspectives on the evolution of Enterprise 2.0 in Wiki. After all it was only coined by a Harvard Professor! The Wiki Topic has been merged with the more specific Enterprise Social Networking Topic.

So I declared my frustratiuon in the Discussion page...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fair Weather Bloggers Tch!

Some Bloggers I know, Blog regularly, where as I Blog less often, the frequency being inversely proportional to the number of nagging emails I get on the subject of my Bloglessness. Well as the last was received a while ago, Thanks Nitram!, I am ready to Blog. So many subjects to Blog, so little time...

Maasai Warriors in London Marathon told not to hunt Farm Animals or show off their dangly bits. Leave it to the Sun to lower the tone of their attempt to gain life saving funding for their village, (Elaui).
Although, I must admit I was bemused by the various interviews with the warriors apparently they are not going to run fast and will probably do the journey in about 2 hours. Hmm... 2 hours has not yet been done, at least not on foot!!! If they weren't carrying their spears and shields perhaps they could do it?



Livia Kovacs - Hungarian Lady Cop sacked for being in a porn movie.
My questions / observation
Did her dad name her after the film star Livia Kovacs from his youth? She starred in Álomkeringö in 1943.
How many Hungarian dads will now persuade their partners to name their daughter Livia? I predict a spike!
Weird link I was in Budapest this year with the Open Group. Didn't bump into Livia though!

Also from the Sun: Cabinet delivered to a girl who wanted a Taxi!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Now you tell me!!!

Warning this blog deals with a subject that is sensitive to us gentile humans.

Drink Water! : I knew that
Eat lots of fruit: Got that too!
Roughage is good you: Yep!
even Wear Sunscreen, thanks to Baz Lurmann, but Baz you never shared with me the really important advice!

It came as a bolt from the blue! The the most important piece of advice that everyone should know is in plain Anglo-Saxon:
Shit Slowly and off the loo in less than a minute!
More specifically...
1) Relax, and Shit Gently! No forcing it!
and the crucial
2) Don't read on the loo after your done shitting!

With this advice one can avoid the early onset of piles or haemorrhoids

So to modify a loo poem I read many moons ago...

A poem from your future Piles
(Alternate Title Shit Slowly!)
If you want to shit with ease
Relax and give a gentle squeeze
then it will come out like toasted cheese
and leave the loo in less than a minute please!

And of course drinking water, eating fruit, and extra roughage all help avoid Constipation which is another common cause of piles, so follow that advice as well!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mark Forytarz is allegedly a swindler of a mentally damaged train driver!

Paul and Mark have decided to sue Google for continuing to surface an issue that initially surfaced in 2005, That is Google operated effectively as a Search Engine!

Paul and Mark musing to themsleves... "Wonder how to make this go away??"

"I know we'll sue Google"

I wonder if they really thought this would improve their image and reduce the noise!!!

Clearly they don't understand the internet!

Their details from the Castran Gilbert website. Golly Google took me to that too! It MUST be true that Google is conspiring against them!

Castran Gilbert
276 Toorak Road
South Yarra VIC 3141

Phone: 1300 657 343
Mark Forytarz

Click to contact agent

03 9827 1177

03 9826 8788

Mark Forytarz
Phone: 03 9827 1177
Mobile: 0407 766 308

Heck, people could even be SMSing their dislike of Mark's tactics as I type this blog!

On the other hand it could all be a nasty made up story against a poor innocent Estate Agent.

But the ABC News has the story too!

Poor Google, how can they remove all these new links!! Especially this one that quotes the individual that "actually defamed"? them!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Size isn't everything....

...in fact her indoors recently insisted that she wanted me to get a smaller one. I however asserted that I wanted to enlarge, and after much discussion, we agreed on a compromise size. The great day arrived today, her exclamation on first seeing it was that it was far to big! My heart sank, as I had already accepted a reduction from my original goal by 4 whole inches, and I could only imagine the pain and anguish involved in downsizing. Happily, once she had seen it unwrapped, she agreed that it was acceptable! Though she did restate that she would have preferred smaller.

The most amusing comment came from HWWNGTA, who on first seeing it, asked with a confused look on his face "It is bigger, isn't it?". Clearly he hadn't really taken note of its size previously. The nastier among you will be thinking that it can't have been that much of an enlargement, but I have measured it and it is now 20 inches bigger.

Having now experienced it in living color, I will nearly admit to liking it better than my wall mounted projection version. So if you are considering a change in size, I would encourage you to go for it.

Last weeks news that Worlds Largest was now 108 inches, did not serve to quell the shrinking urges of spouse of many years!

For the record we both found 46 inches to be very enjoyable, though I still secretly yearn for a 50 incher. (Even I know that 108 inches would not have worked)

Now the challenge will be to keep HWWNGTA's hands off it! I caught him playing with it earlier this evening.

(Incidentally, for the technically minded the default picture and colour settings are set to "Garish", my term not theirs! So for best pleasure you need to change the Picture Settings and Colour settings to normal)

(Yes! Mr Messy I know that I am blatantly copying your new Oeuvre! But I am sure you realise that the act relates the highest form of objectification, which only goes to show my ability of turning you into an object, the action presumably also known as objection! Which gets me to being objectionable )
And yes, I am aware of the oxymoronic implications of that last bracketed paragraph!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

new years resolution it isn't, but this year ... "I be mostly healthier and considering the actions I can take to save humanity"
For as was recently so well stated the Earth does not need saving it will survive perfectly well! Humanity however has only a tenuous handhold on the planets surface.

Happy New Year!