Friday, June 08, 2007


A wonderful Malt! I am now fighting the urge to open the 20 year old Brora that we purchased at the same time from the modern Clynellish distillery across the road from the now silent Brora distillery!

Have been distracted by holidays work trips and SketchUp

Great Holidays in Little Cayman with friends and a great trip to Barcelona to understand the future of Information Technology from Gartner followed by a wonderfull trip to Orkney with more friends.
Photos will be appearing or have appeared in Flickr under Adrius42.

My latest distractions are: Google Sketchup, which allows me both to create a 3D image of our home to place on Google Earth (in Progress) and to create 3D knots in cubes...

Additionally my up till now latent and recently emerging twitcher gene has driven me to Swarovski and my new scope.
I practised taking photos through the scope on Orkney simply holding the camera to the eyepiece and got surprisingly reasonable results!!

What a nice Puffin!!