Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Procrastination is really hard work!!

What is it about procrastination that results in my doing more to avoid the thing I am procrastinating against, than doing it?

1) I built a shoe seat for the hall
2) I tidied up the TV room
3) I read emails
4) I responded to emails
(now you know I must really be procrastinating!)

But at least I have not sent off my expenses...
...but wait a minute I get money back when I do that!???

So please someone explain to me why!!!???

Did you know just how many drivers there are for procrastination?
- 'just so' procrastination
- procrastination based on fear of failure
- procrastination based on 'fear of success'
- approval-based procrastination
- discomfort-based procrastination
- worry-based procrastination
- autonomy-based procrastination
- crisis-based procrastination

So which one am I doing?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Keystrokes Missing...VISTA? No OAUE!

Courtesy of Brian Basset and Microsoft Corporation

Convinced that Vista was losing keystroke, I Googled "Vista Losing Keystrokes" and guess what the Bill goons had got to Google before me... there on the first page perfectly centred for my fading eyesight!! was:

Guide for Aging Computer Users: Tips for the Awkward Age of Computing
Around age 45 for most people, eyes start to lose the ability to adjust their ... Windows Vista: Ignore or slow down brief or repeated keystrokes (Filter ...
www.microsoft.com/enable/aging/tips.aspx - 27k - Cached - Similar pages

Bloody Cheek!!! Old Age User Error indeed!
Plus they also imply drug abuse!


I Vista'd! Therefore I ain't! WOW?

I really am starting wish I had Thunk instead!

Didn't realise that W.O.W stood for Why Oh Why?

For those interested in the journey I have started a blog of the saga here!

Both TREE and SWHAND are now more convinced than ever that I am losing it!!

Were it not for my amazingly short term memory loss, I am convinced that I would have remembered that I have lost it already!