Friday, April 25, 2008

Wii Fit roolz!

The first impression is one of wow!
A side thought, how long will I keep using it?)
Think Brain Trainer for your Body...

You are buying 4 weighing machines that wirelessly connect to your Wii.
From this apparent surfeit of measurement, a lot can be determined about your weight, BMI, Core stability, and more

Have you ever tried standing still? It is way harder than you think without a stable core.

I hadn't realised that I tend to stand with too much weight on my ankles either....

Yoga was always hard, but when you are getting direct feedback about how well you are holding the pose (or not) it only gets harder!

My Body age is 49, I am mighty proud (some might say sadly) of those -3 years and will be working to increase the gap between my calendar age and my body age, I am already on track to achieve my target body weight having dropped from 250 to 231 since the start of the year. (No you don't need to know my target, as the lady in the Wii knows and she is going to hold me to getting there)

A little weird being able to rotate here, thus seeing her from the front and the back, all I will say is that she is fitter than I am!!

My midnight play proved to me that the rest of the journey will be more fun.

Why of course I bought one at Midnight of the day of the launch, after all I was told too!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hmmm 45 Seconds of shaking!!

Wonder what you Hoosiers were up to!

Apparently they already starting to blame Illinois!!!

Looking forwards to seeing The Messy Ones excuses!

"It wasn't me because....."


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Identity Thoughts...

The fundamenmtal one being...
Why can't an Operating System's security be designed from the User in!

The answer that I have come to: Because devices cannot yet reliably recognise / identify people.

Combination of Identifiers
Facial Recognition
Voice Recognition
Typing Recognition
Finger Print etc....

Two thoughts:
Our Identity is a state that should be continuously monitored, not just initially checked.
Our Identity will be known to devices and we must have the power over them to decide the Persona we are choosing to represent to the outside world.

Leopards don't like to serve on Mac Mini's!!!

Well this is exactly true as I do actually now have Leopard serving on a Mac Mini.
But our friends at Apple didn't exactly make it easy!!!

So I signed up for Twitter Adrius42 in prep for my great Leopard Server on a Mini Mac Challenge.... What is your twitter address, email me it...

Can't see how to attach to Twitters that are out there on a relevant/interesting topic....
My sense is that it is a People Social Network not an Ideas and Activity Social Network.... DoH! I did have high hopes....

Looked around Google for folks who had trod this path before me and twittered about, some preacher fella that simply said he was about to and was afeared but not much else, it took reading pages of rubbish to get to that one-liner....

So started installing Leopard on my MacMini twittering and ground to a great big fat shuddering halt!

Boy do I wish someone had twittered DON'T DO IT.... unless you have a week to spare... sarcastic estimate of the time required after the first three bumps....
1) Nah I won't recognise your Bluetooth Mouse
2) Nah I am not playing with your Wireless Network, I need wiring!!
and the latest
3) Bluetooth keyboard forget it!! Wiring, didn't you get the message I am a server!! I need wiring!!!

Wish me luck I am off back downstairs with a wired keyboard!!!

Post Blog Comment: Leopard is now serving... and I now have so many more questions for the Identity world!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mark Curphey has some wild links!

Looking forward to seeing him next week at the Jericho Forum presentation.

This one's Just plain weird

And this one had me in stitches!

Also just got frustrated at the Wiki Police, I should have known better than to find interesting perspectives on the evolution of Enterprise 2.0 in Wiki. After all it was only coined by a Harvard Professor! The Wiki Topic has been merged with the more specific Enterprise Social Networking Topic.

So I declared my frustratiuon in the Discussion page...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fair Weather Bloggers Tch!

Some Bloggers I know, Blog regularly, where as I Blog less often, the frequency being inversely proportional to the number of nagging emails I get on the subject of my Bloglessness. Well as the last was received a while ago, Thanks Nitram!, I am ready to Blog. So many subjects to Blog, so little time...

Maasai Warriors in London Marathon told not to hunt Farm Animals or show off their dangly bits. Leave it to the Sun to lower the tone of their attempt to gain life saving funding for their village, (Elaui).
Although, I must admit I was bemused by the various interviews with the warriors apparently they are not going to run fast and will probably do the journey in about 2 hours. Hmm... 2 hours has not yet been done, at least not on foot!!! If they weren't carrying their spears and shields perhaps they could do it?



Livia Kovacs - Hungarian Lady Cop sacked for being in a porn movie.
My questions / observation
Did her dad name her after the film star Livia Kovacs from his youth? She starred in Álomkeringö in 1943.
How many Hungarian dads will now persuade their partners to name their daughter Livia? I predict a spike!
Weird link I was in Budapest this year with the Open Group. Didn't bump into Livia though!

Also from the Sun: Cabinet delivered to a girl who wanted a Taxi!