Sunday, February 04, 2007

Keystrokes Missing...VISTA? No OAUE!

Courtesy of Brian Basset and Microsoft Corporation

Convinced that Vista was losing keystroke, I Googled "Vista Losing Keystrokes" and guess what the Bill goons had got to Google before me... there on the first page perfectly centred for my fading eyesight!! was:

Guide for Aging Computer Users: Tips for the Awkward Age of Computing
Around age 45 for most people, eyes start to lose the ability to adjust their ... Windows Vista: Ignore or slow down brief or repeated keystrokes (Filter ... - 27k - Cached - Similar pages

Bloody Cheek!!! Old Age User Error indeed!
Plus they also imply drug abuse!


Squatting said...

I was "upgraded" from Win2000 to Vista just 5 days ago at work. The very first thing I noticed was missing keystrokes. I type nearly all day, every day. So I know what my average typo score is. I have a pile of subjective evidence that this IS happening. It is costing me a LOT of time going back to fix the problems. I have replaced the keyboard and mouse (several times), and used the keypad on the laptop instead of an external keyboard (which is very painful). This is a Vista problem!

Anonymous said...

The battery on my Dell dies after a few years. The icon in the tray said "Battery not present" even though it was plugged in. And then I started dropping keystrokes. I didn't think the two were related. I did a full virus scan. Started searching the web for others with the same problem. Installed SP2. No luck. Pulled out the battery and the problem went away immediately.