Friday, June 13, 2008

Caerbonnagic Romance is not dead!?

There I was enjoying my post exercise lie in, (doesn't everyone enjoy breakfast in bed after their morning exercise and shower? But hey I deserved it as my Wii Fit had just told me that I had the body of a 26 year old! ...any way I digress...) ...when SWHAND interrupted me from my revery with the news that the White Killer Rabbit of Caerbonnag had proposed to one of my Surrogate Daughters. Which, of course, stunned me and simultaneousy put me into the weird state of having 2 SD's engaged. (To lose one SD is careless, to lose two is just plain criminal!) This state will last for a brief few weeks, as the first SD marriage occurs before the end of the month.

I was left wondering how a Killer White Rabbit would be involved in such a romantic act as proposal for:
1) They don't talk!
2) They mostly rip peoples throats out!
3) They live in caves in Wales
4) Effergies of them are mostly seen flying across castle parapets
5) ...well heck you see my point!

So I started my researches.... I was surprised to find that the Kille Rabbit was both real and a prop. Then I found the ThinkGeek site and all became clear! There are fluffy versions of the beast of Caerbonnag! In fact, having found that out, I was surprised not to see fotos of the occassion here, like this one. I suspect this site is also the likely source of the offending instrument!


(PS: You are still not forgiven for coming to Guildford while I am away, but despite that I have instructed HWWGTA to share some of my better drams with you both! His only restriction is that he cannot open any unopened bottles!)

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