Friday, April 25, 2008

Wii Fit roolz!

The first impression is one of wow!
A side thought, how long will I keep using it?)
Think Brain Trainer for your Body...

You are buying 4 weighing machines that wirelessly connect to your Wii.
From this apparent surfeit of measurement, a lot can be determined about your weight, BMI, Core stability, and more

Have you ever tried standing still? It is way harder than you think without a stable core.

I hadn't realised that I tend to stand with too much weight on my ankles either....

Yoga was always hard, but when you are getting direct feedback about how well you are holding the pose (or not) it only gets harder!

My Body age is 49, I am mighty proud (some might say sadly) of those -3 years and will be working to increase the gap between my calendar age and my body age, I am already on track to achieve my target body weight having dropped from 250 to 231 since the start of the year. (No you don't need to know my target, as the lady in the Wii knows and she is going to hold me to getting there)

A little weird being able to rotate here, thus seeing her from the front and the back, all I will say is that she is fitter than I am!!

My midnight play proved to me that the rest of the journey will be more fun.

Why of course I bought one at Midnight of the day of the launch, after all I was told too!

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