Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blogs! Who has time for Blogs with a new puppy!

This will be short terse and hopefully as sweet as the new puppy! She arrived in a flash of white fur and introduced herself to TMTDUB, who didn't even know she existed as an extra member of the household, by sneaking up behind him and running under his belly to poke her head up under his chin! Well! To say he was enamoured would be a downright lie! He jumped about 4,000 feet into the air, all the while spinning round to check out what this alien being was, and then landed paws splayed, snarl at the ready and took his first snap at her, but she must have been expecting it as she wasn't where his jaws snapped shut. We had hoped just maybe he was just playing, but he hasn't stopped snarling since!?

Well between then and now we have been introduced to this amazing phenomena, a tiny white furry bundle that just KNOWS she is in charge! Which does not serve to increase TMTDUB's sense of well being and calm, and has done a lot to have him perfect a terrifying lip curling display fo fangs. He seems to have a permanent snarl with a continuous low pitched rumble coming from deep in his belly. Which appears to be intended to communicate to WFBOJ, that she should stay well clear. What she actually does is simply ignore him. Which only serves to wind him up more... Puppies are supposed to be subservient to older Male dogs that bare their teeth right....??? Not WFBOJ!

After all she owns the place already! Charlie just hasn't got accustomed to the fact yet!

But neither have we, it seems a little weird coming to the realisation that something so small can take instantaneous control of 4 adults and an older male dog.

So hourly trips into the garden, which is after all a wonderful new place to explore is a requirement for many reasons not least that it's best to tire her out as quickly as possible so that we can get something done! But actually it is quite entertaining, the first time she tried to walk across the pond was quite a sight! The netting, there to protect the fish from the dratted Herons. served to stop her sinking to the bottom of the pond, but as luck would have it she still had her hind legs on terra-firma so with a complicated fast reverse coupled with a body roll to her left she avoided drowning....

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