Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Old Year!

We are trusting the humble abode of the FftS to HWWGTA for the New Years celebrations and spending the evening with friends. Such great friends that they have even asked a very kind teetotaller to do the driving. Thus TMTDUB and WFBOJ are in the hands of HWWGTA and (Now what will her acronym be? for the time being it will be HWA). They are holding a Murder Mystery Dinner with an Italian theme. Wonder if they will play the "Mafia" game after they have figured out who the murderer was?

Happily HWA arrived just in time to get the two legs of lamb into the oven. Yes, two and there are only 6 of them. Hope they like meat! She had asked me just after arriving; how organised HWWGTA was I nearly split my sides!!! He is after all his father's son!

Must go and get ready .... must be ready for our lift!!!

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