Friday, December 01, 2006

YIPEEE!! great news...

"I have never heard HWWGTA squeal as high pitched, it was really sweet!", said SDO.

I will remember that line for a while, but not as long as I will recall the squeal just after he had picked up the phone. What! I said.... and he passed me the phone... I just managed to avoid beating his squeal! So sad how age affects one...

All triggered by the purchase of 29 pink roses, 2 bottles of pink champagne and a circle of metal with what are rumored to be terribly well cut and polished oxides of aluminium colored by iron and titanium. The human units have a penchant for digging up objects out of the dirt and turning them into attractive shiny objects to adorn the orifices and digits of the female units of the species, primarily.

The first time I met TSO, now presumably better known as FSSILO; was in SDO's college room, and like her Mum, it took me seconds to realise he was hooked. Well, 5 years on he has proposed and SDO has said yes! YIPEEEE!

It hasn't really sunk in yet but I suppose the backlash will hit me far less than it will PoSDO. Surrogacy has a diminishing effect on the pain I'm sure. At present I am still just plain chuffed and even more convinced that I want to go up and see them in their new abode. I suppose the other thing that is keeping the pain at bay is the fact that I have had 5 years to prepare for this day.

Weird that it occurred on the very day that I was feeling guilty for not sending the bits to put in the HMAC. The relief is palpable, FSSILO now has the official duty of filing up the said advent calendar. So, some rules to help him get it right...
1) Don't put the same thing in every pocket!
2) Mix the value, at least 60% can be chocolate or other silly things
3) The rest different surprises, one of which needs to be of a higher value of the others... OMG! he wouldn't have been that clever would he? He already made me look stingey with SWWMD, Pink Roses and Pink Champagne indeed! "Girls like that sort of thing you know" With the knowing look that signifies now you have to get me something more than Millie for Christmas!

So with that thought bouncing round my head, I will sign off this blog, with a final congratulations to the happy couple! Can't wait till 2008, that's if I can persuade them that I deserve an invite! As this first metal band signifies that another band or two will be required, along with possibly some other banns being read.

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