Thursday, April 17, 2008

Leopards don't like to serve on Mac Mini's!!!

Well this is exactly true as I do actually now have Leopard serving on a Mac Mini.
But our friends at Apple didn't exactly make it easy!!!

So I signed up for Twitter Adrius42 in prep for my great Leopard Server on a Mini Mac Challenge.... What is your twitter address, email me it...

Can't see how to attach to Twitters that are out there on a relevant/interesting topic....
My sense is that it is a People Social Network not an Ideas and Activity Social Network.... DoH! I did have high hopes....

Looked around Google for folks who had trod this path before me and twittered about, some preacher fella that simply said he was about to and was afeared but not much else, it took reading pages of rubbish to get to that one-liner....

So started installing Leopard on my MacMini twittering and ground to a great big fat shuddering halt!

Boy do I wish someone had twittered DON'T DO IT.... unless you have a week to spare... sarcastic estimate of the time required after the first three bumps....
1) Nah I won't recognise your Bluetooth Mouse
2) Nah I am not playing with your Wireless Network, I need wiring!!
and the latest
3) Bluetooth keyboard forget it!! Wiring, didn't you get the message I am a server!! I need wiring!!!

Wish me luck I am off back downstairs with a wired keyboard!!!

Post Blog Comment: Leopard is now serving... and I now have so many more questions for the Identity world!

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