Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fair Weather Bloggers Tch!

Some Bloggers I know, Blog regularly, where as I Blog less often, the frequency being inversely proportional to the number of nagging emails I get on the subject of my Bloglessness. Well as the last was received a while ago, Thanks Nitram!, I am ready to Blog. So many subjects to Blog, so little time...

Maasai Warriors in London Marathon told not to hunt Farm Animals or show off their dangly bits. Leave it to the Sun to lower the tone of their attempt to gain life saving funding for their village, (Elaui).
Although, I must admit I was bemused by the various interviews with the warriors apparently they are not going to run fast and will probably do the journey in about 2 hours. Hmm... 2 hours has not yet been done, at least not on foot!!! If they weren't carrying their spears and shields perhaps they could do it?



Livia Kovacs - Hungarian Lady Cop sacked for being in a porn movie.
My questions / observation
Did her dad name her after the film star Livia Kovacs from his youth? She starred in Álomkeringö in 1943.
How many Hungarian dads will now persuade their partners to name their daughter Livia? I predict a spike!
Weird link I was in Budapest this year with the Open Group. Didn't bump into Livia though!

Also from the Sun: Cabinet delivered to a girl who wanted a Taxi!

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